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Thread: Gbp/Jpy Simple Daily Candle System

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    This program is not tough to exchange, but please see this entire post before investing in it.

    Everything you need:

    GbpJpy chart 1hr


    Momentums 1,10,14

    SMAs 10 to the low close and high.

    What to do:Wait for the daily candle to shut then if it hits the high or low of the day before market or Buy. Search for Candle formatons

    and the area in which the momentum is.

    TF and SL are around you

    When it does not hit the day befores high or low, start again

    This program candle be quite profitable, but will require a huge account(unless you use a micro account), and a lot of patience.

    Feel free to flood this thread with comments or questions.

    This program is not all about the breakout of a candle, even though that's the way the machine origonally was created.

    If you are not interested in trading the daily candle breakout part of the machine, you can use a 4 hr chart.

    It's also about the creation of candles, in which the momentum isalso, and the analysis of the daily candle.

    Though this thread is from the Trading Journals forum, it wasn't meant to be a Journal,(though I post all my trades and thoughts here

    rather than making another thread). It was meant to be a method.

    I shall make my trades here, and article examples and charts here.

    Note:This program is still going to be run on the pound yen, but I shall post my analysis of different pairs based on Momentum and the threre


    Note:Trade At Your Own Risk.

    Candle Formations and Trade Setups.
    Bull Bear Bull Formation

    Bear Bull Bear Formation

    The Drive Formation

    two Candle Formation

    MMAB Formation

    PB after The Drive Formation

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    I don't think that it will hit the low, but I will watch it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    This program is really as easy as it gets.

    Everything you will need:
    GbpJpy chart 1hr

    Things to do:Wait for your daily candle to close then when it hits the low or high of the day prior to market or Buy.

    TF and SL are up to you

    When it does not hit the day befores low or high, begin again

    This program candle be quite profitable, but will need a huge account(if you don't use a micro account), and a lot of patience.

    Feel free to flooding this thread with comments or questions.

    I will make my trades here, and post illuions and charts here.
    So basically you're trading past day's Hi/Low or am I missing something?

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    So basically you're trading previous day's Hi/Low or am I overlooking something?
    Yes, You buy whether it goes , sell when it hits the low.

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    Sounds like the SRDC method from years past.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    Sounds like the older SRDC method from long ago.
    I am not sure

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    Don't think that it's gonna do any thing, gunna await tomorrow's candle.

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    I overlooked it, but you could have made a great 50 pips, don't think that it's gonna go more.

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    Listed below are a few results from 15 candles

    Note:these are just estamating that you stayed in the trade all day, and all these are as much as you could have gotton.


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    Last 15 days Outcomes total: 654 pips(even if you didn't make the trade perfect, you still might have produced ove 400 pips.

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