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Thread: How to solve ZERO DIVIDE issue in MT4?

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    How can I approach the inverse for currency prices and have them saved in an array?

    For example: EURUSD = 1.1050 means USD/EUR = .9049

    on a simple calculator we just take 1/1.1050 which doesn't appear to work so nicely in arrays

    Lets state

    P1 = 1/iClose(NULL,0,n 1);
    Buffer1 = P1;

    with all the code above I get a zero divide issue,
    however when I just use 1/iClose(NULL,0,1); instead without adding to the array worth, it computes the appropriate calculation.

    How can I get these to work for saved values?

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    Before performing your calculation, check when the divisor is equal to 0. if(divisor ! = 0)...
    Due I did that for ALL the calcs within the loop and it functioned, it had been picking up 0 info from nonexistent bars in the past. Works fine. Thank you.

    I used

    if (VAR gt; 0) VAR = 1/VAR;

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    Before doing your calculation, assess if the divisor is equal to 0.

    Inserted Code if(divisor ! = 0) ...

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