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Thread: Need Help to Create an Outstanding Retracement_Finder Indior!

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    3 Attachment(S ) ) Hi Folks!

    Sorry for my english!
    It is not my native language!

    I wish to thank's all the great Coders within this Forum, always trying to make our task more easy and efficient!
    And I hope someone of these Could help me ! I believe it's a easy task to do to those who Knows something about the codes, but for me its not the case!

    Well, I am using a very powerfull system that use Retracement_Finder signs (CCI_Histogram) with the support of 4 Nihilist_Ultra_ADX.
    (Because of Nihilist with this great indior)

    This indiors unite, give some very powerfull signs, that do not happen often, but when occur usually give some great profits with a
    very low DD in the trade. This makes the chance of having ceases and Targets. And using a more cash management ass!

    At a better comprehension, have a peek at the GBPAUD 5min sign that take place now's London Session:

    See it is a very powerfull sign, since we admire the current Structure of the market!
    Of course in one side market the signs wouldn't be good!


    The challenge is because we receive a few signs every pair for a month, we must watch more pairs!
    Really I am watching 21 pairs together with 3 display's! This offer me between 2 to 4 trades per day!

    If a few Coder could fuse these indiors in a single that have visually and sound alert, and a arrow on the chart, the task of watching this pairs would be much easier!
    Along with the template will be more clear! With less indior's!

    The Retracement_Finder indior I use, its out of a old thread here, and it gives audible alerts and utilizes MTF_Stochs to filter out the signs!

    I want a indior visually like this one, but with the ADX filter Criteria!

    Here's the settings I use on these:

    Retracement_Finder = 8
    Nihilist_Ultra_ADX1 = 7
    Nihilist_Ultra_ADX2 = 21
    Nihilist_Ultra_ADX2 = 42
    Nihilist_Ultra_ADX3 = 77

    Hope someone with good hearth could help me with this! And help we get some severe pros!
    Because it would be an excellent indior! That dont repaint and generate powerfull signs on the markets!

    Below are the indiors I am currently using:

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    my method:
    - clean chart for easier reading (the less the better: no demand a lot of indi teaching you exactly what have occurred previously )
    - set two roc within precisely the same subchart (rate of change) with distinct higher timeframes
    - then examine either diff (if they have not crossed)

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    Thanks for the reply dinofx!

    However, this is not what I'm looking for!

    I had a great system!

    Just need to get more easy to folow!

    I understand all of the Dogmas around indiors, but I know we can have a excellent image of the now second using the rights types!

    But thanks anyway!

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    This is another good example of how powerfull the signals can be!
    Look how 10 pips of cease would be sufficient for 60 pips of target until next Resistence!

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    This is another fantastic example of how powerfull the signals can be! Look how 10 pips of cease would be sufficient for 60 pips of target until next Resistence! picture
    does this repaint?

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    quote - Does it repaint?
    No cyber1!

    All indiors dont reapint following the candle shuts!

    I enter only when I have a divergence in stoch!

    We have a couple signals perfects like that!
    However, when this signals arrive generally prepare for a wonderful trade!

    Look at this USDCAD on monday!

    30 pips until Support 1 with a 10 pips cease!

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    Here is another two great signals on EURUSD that this monday!

    no one get attention to merge this indiors in one and receive a very strong one!

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    Here's another two good signals on EURUSD this monday! image no one get interest to merge this indiors in a single and receive a very powerful one!
    have you got the .mq4 files and can you post a temple document?

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    quote - have you got the .mq4 files and can you post a temple file?
    Hi Cyber1!

    Thank you for the answer!
    However, I see now I do not possess the .mq4 files!
    So I thinks it can't be done!
    I'll folow with idniors together!
    Thanks again!

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    quote Hi Cyber1! Thank you for the reply! But I see now I do not have the .mq4 documents! So I believes it can not be done! I will folow with all idniors together! Thank you again!

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