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Thread: Sessions indior not updating

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    quote maybe newer version of your indior fix the problem
    my last post was incorrect, what it's doing is having the last minute candle of this week to paint the ny near line at friday shut because there is not any new data then. So the friday ny session box near line is shifted one candle to the left no matter the time frame it's on

    then there is the anomaly on market available on monday at which for the very first candle it paints a one candle session box with pip count

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    after further testing, 2.0 is not updating properly, in this case the price will move outside the session box, view image. So the exact same thing has to be done with 2.0 as 1.7; every chart with the indi has to be refreshed when mt4 is begun to show properly. The 2.0 version seems to really go out of sync while mt4 is open, if price goes outside this box. Occasionally it does so, not, most times it will

    this means there's no properly working sessions indior onforexsoutheast.asiawhich I'm aware of. I searched all versions and tried them. We are in need of a fix for all these I hope somebody will bring them back

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    ok I eventually discovered a sessions indior that works, and it is historical ie out of 2005. Can't remember if I got it or forex std (lol joke)

    this one upgrades automatically without manual refresh and does not let price transfer outside the boxes. I also changed the settings to ensure every session end is at --:59 and not at the beginning minute of the hour which caused some problems

    you are

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    on one of my charts i-sessionsln wasn't painting properly ie the first few candles of this session moved out the box (except for the 1 minute chart)

    I changed the user input times from the very first minute of this session to the second before that ie from 2:00 to 1:59 and appears ok

    that is exactly the same version as above just user inputs are changed

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