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Thread: Non repainting fractals indior?

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    Smjones, is there a indior that does not disappear even when the price goes beyond the amount? Thanks Beforehand.

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    Here I wrote this. So it's still warm from the oven. To ensure it is non repainting the lookback needs to be 3. And then the fractal will appear on the bar's open. Thus meeting with Willi definition. And will not evaporate.

    If you want it to behave just like the MT4 version set the lookback to 2. The Offset is far in the low or high to draw on the arrow. Default is 10 pips off.

    Or are you searching for an indior which when the fractal appears with in the second bar it will not disappear even when the price goes beyond the fractal amount...

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    Except for the bump. Anyone?


    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    , is there such a fractal indior that doesn't disappear even if the price goes beyond the fractal quantity? Thanks Beforehand.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    you can use this item.
    Where I can get this indior with attentive ??

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    Are they coming at time that is appropriate. . Or after 3rd candle that's current... it shows at 3 candles before that fractals are created

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