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    For starters... I don't know how practical this is, I was wondering if this is doable and if anybody has anything like this already? What I was thinking is jump take profit! I mostly exchange 4 hours and up and find that after I struck my take profit (not always...) the pair trades even further for a few hundred more pips...

    exactly what I was thinking of attempting is have an EA look back at state... 4 candles and ascertain if the previous candles are trending the appropriate direction... something similar to four 1 hour candles or something. If all four candles are state trending down... then move the take profit out 20 pips... and repeat. This way the EA has possible for a bigger run. I am not sure but it seems good! Allow Me to know... Thank you for reading

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    Does anyone have EA or a clean Jumping stoploss script I can convert into a jumping takeprofit? Ive been looking for a Jumping stoploss however they'd be difficult to convert due to choices positioned inside them plus ive found two.

    Thank you a lot for reading this thread#8230; and I am hoping that I can put a functioning jumping takeprofit for other people to use soon.

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    If someone could have a look at this code... does this job??

    Inserted Code if (OrderType()==OP_BUY) BuyTP = OrderTakeProfit(); if ((Ask OrderOpenPrice()gt;=Stage*TakeProfit) (Ask OrderOpenPrice()gt;= StepSize*Stage)) BuyTP = OrderTakeProfit() StepSize*Point; should (Ask BuyTP gt;= MinDistance*Stage) OrderModify(OrderTicket(),OrderOpenPrice(),OrderSt opLoss(),BuyTP,0,CLR_NONE); return(0); if (OrderType()==OP_SELL) SellTP = OrderTakeProfit(); if ((Bid-OrderOpenPrice()lt;=Stage*TakeProfit) (Bid-OrderOpenPrice()lt;=StepSize*Stage)) SellTP = OrderTakeProfit() - StepSize*Point; should (Bid - SellTP lt;= MinDistance*Stage) OrderModify(OrderTicket(),OrderOpenPrice(),OrderSt opLoss(),SellTP,0,CLR_NONE); return(0);

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    Ok... I believe I figured it out! If you find errors with it... please post them

    double StepSize=20;
    double MinDistance=10;
    int TakeProfit=30;

    // your criteria for extending your takeprofit here
    Inserted Code double BuyTP, SellTP; total = OrdersTotal(); for(cnt=0;cntlt;OrdersTotal();cnt ) if(OrderSelect(cnt,SELECT_BY_POS,MODE_TRADES)==fal se) break; if(OrderMagicNumber()!) =MagicNumber

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