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Thread: EA portfolio for retirement

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    quote Hi, I Visit. The age 85 reference was based on your projected 755k equity in retirement, which because it is EA trading, there is no need to discontinue it in retirement.... Is. At commencing the 10% will be 75k /year, comfortably over the 3-4.6k a month desired... And that by 85 you can even dip into some part of the funds without finally risking running out, particularly if some money is earning interest on the side too. Of course, your age was not mentioned by you, but assume it is similar to at a 10 decades away.
    Well, I am open to discuss more. I'm 34 this year, nevertheless have 16 years to achieve 50 y.o.
    1st screenshot is your expense calculation assuming my expense after 50 (retirement) is $3100 with yearly inflation rate of 2.5%.
    2nd screenshot is the revenue assuming 10% gain from EA every year.
    As you can see, the 3100 @ today money, will costs more than $10k (inflation adjusted) @ age 80.
    The3k is because of its expense for my wife and myself, this sum is somehow only able to meet some basic requirements. Supposing the EAs capable to generate 10% per annum injection every year, I able to correct it accordingly.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    quote Hi , Thank you for sharing the adventure, I am currently at toddler stage in contrast to yours. Great this thread attracts someone amazing and like minded for one to talk with me. It is very fortunate to have you in my diary. SAS and a few Excel VBA terminology, am still learning coding in mql4, although I have history in SQL. So the egies I am coding and testing are very simple, such as 2 MA crossing, of two MA direction at particular time, mixing of MA and RSI/MACD and etc.. Hoping to find out more. I am great in FF, a lot...
    I recommend you search price channel egy, if you know how to combine this sort egy to working. You'll be inspire .
    Of course, you'll discover any egy which match for you.
    I do believe interest is the key point for performing forex trading. Only you have interest in egy that you enjoy , you will have the power to enhance the egy to an one that is perfect.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    quote I suggest you search price channel egy, if you know how to combine this sort egy to working. You will be inspire . Of course, you can find any egy which fit for you. I do believe interest is the fundamental point for doing Currency Market trading. You have curiosity about egy that you like , you'll have the power to improve the egy to an perfect one.
    Thanks for the egy present. Yes, totally agree with you, enthusiastic and interest is the key to inspire and push me to learn to code although I'm new to MQL4. Do let me know if you decided to sharing your journey as well, expect to learn from you.

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    Today mark the 2nd of April, time to report the condition of the portfolio.

    This year that the initial capital is $8k total, although I have alloe smaller percentage into different EA/egy, that's meant for analyzing.
    So far own developed EA has suffered 3.6 percent (or $286), but manage to offset by other egy/signal bought, hopefully can achieve 10% profit(or $800).

    Reputation of analyzing additional egy/EA
    CCFP have decided to abandon it, as a result of consistent loss of past 3 weeks. Yet to find which time is very good to start the EA.
    Trend Reversal EA Astonishingly is great. Trend Reversal 1 is Trailing and Trend Reversal two astonishingly method is much better performing in 1. Concentrate on Trailing Method and Might decide to abandon RR1 :1 testing.
    Interior Bar (1H) from Have come out using easy EA, however, the advantage for specific years is shedding with assorted setting.
    Pin Bar and EMA (Trend pullback and continue):'ve come out with indior and send me alert based on H4 and enter commerce in CMC, currently trade at very modest amount, will have to monitor how it behaves. Will update.
    Neural Network predicting Before 1 week has now continue back the work which I momentary pause the project, currently hoping to continue to forecast the station based on low and high, hopefully to loe the turning point and enter the commerce. Will update.

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    Today mark the end of Feb'18, time.

    EA 1 (MA for EURUSD) (live testing based on $8000) : negative 2.6%
    EA 2: CCFP (live testing according to $2800) : up by 3.3% (will monitor until end of June 2018 to decide to raise it)
    EA 3 (mix of MA and RSI for EURUSD):
    (live testing according to $330) : unfavorable 4.3% (will monitor until end of June 2018 to test against backtest)
    Signal purchase (according to $2000) : up by 25% gross (yet to deduct the subscription fee)

    up to Now, the end result is mixture. Fortunately the CCFP (weekly setting) is acting good.

    Currently also demo testing the EA from Simple Daily Trend Reversal Trading System, thanks to mrdfx. Will demo it for 2 weeks to validate the result against the mrdfx outcome, will little live test it.

    At the same time, also looking into interior bar egy from and Aibs - yet another interior bar egy. The former in H1 TF and the latter in daily TF. Currently attempting to supply the code from several sources and seeking to code myself will exhibit evaluation and backtest. Currently, because of a heavy work load, is taking time to test out.

    Good progress to look for more prospective EA for wealth building. Green pips to all.

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