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    been trading for more than 5 years off and on.

    That I am not positive if my egy this time is going to be successful or not, however, I try to post my place once I open it.

    Strategy used this time is quite easy (please don't embarrass me).... MA 200, MA 10 and MA 20. And I suppose everyone here already knows how this works.

    My current loion are buy audusd @0.75377 and
    market usdjpy @ 109.089

    constructive inputs, comments, complains etc are very welcome, in fact I thank you for such things...

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    Stop reduction is being hit by usdjpy, audusd is shut for some pips.
    Stay away for today, due to french election

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    Whats the time frame and are you using price action ?
    MA = Exponential or Simple ?

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    Thx for coming by, sulehman.
    Mainly on 1H that I am looking at and MA is simple...

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    Trying to sell USDJPY @ 110.058 with stop loss highest stage of now...

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    Trying to market NZDJPY @77.019 with SL 77.160

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    USDJPY got Ceased
    NZDJPY Remains on, but close to SL

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    Could you post screenshots ? I might have the ability to help as I adore MA and Price Action.

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    Attempting to market AUDUSD @.75086, SL .7537

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    hi suleman, thx for you help.
    Here is the screenshot for the last place of AUDUSD

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