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    My first intention is to NOT waste anyone's time. I will try to create my explanation as straightforward as possible. After reading the first few articles, you should be aware of if you have interest, or not. For those that decide to have a nearer look, please do not be timid about doing your own testing and publishing your own findings.

    I'd like to keep this as straightforward as possible. What I have been working on does NOT take several trades (Perhaps 1-2 per week, per pair), and it'll miss some trades too. The saving grace is that losses must be minimized.

    All are welcome. Criticism is Always Appreciated. I ask that any comments are made out of respect.


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    1 Attachment(s) To provide additional explanation of how to get into a trade, have a look at chart posted previously.

    • As soon as MacD_Hull, paints a different colored bar, on close of candle (color shift isn't Green to Red, but once thicker Red turns Amber, or thicker Green, turns light Green), this gives you your Signal Candle.

    • Today, only enter a pending order 10 pips outside High or Low of candle. Of course constantly take note of pending news which could spike price enough to take into a losing trade.

    • As mentioned previously, if pending order fails to trigger by the end of 2 candles, cancel you order. Here I presume momentum has not continued.

    • I have not seen a good loion for a second entry chance yet. Chart below shows what I mean. (btw chart below is H1, only because it reveals perfect setup, and I was too lazy to keep on searching )

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    1 Attachment(s) Another situation I would avoid taking a trade on a signal candle, is if that candle was exceptionally larger than others.

    If the first bar following signal candle, was a retrace, along with also a 10 pip breach happened a reasonable amount of time following, I could rethink because general momentum could be strong enough to support further movement.

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    1 Attachment(s) I created this ChfJpy Entry last Wednesday (Nov 15). I seen trade late so actually got a much better entrance @ 114.35. Real entry, 114.16, could have also been a fantastic trade.

    Depending on how volatile a pair is, I may take 1/2 off @ roughly 40 pips. Less volatile, maybe pips. Might move SL at this stage.

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    Very interesting....subscribed and decent luck with your thread!

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    very interesting....subscribed and good luck with your thread!
    Thanks. I'll be posting setups, throughout the week if they appear. Thursday Friday are US holidays, so that I doubt I'll post much after late Tuesday.

    I had 8 trades last week. One was BE. Another 7 netted 360 pips. I used 2 places on each and took off a few involving 25 50 pips. Several Euro pairs put up on Friday, but many were considerably outside their daily range, so that I did nothing. Good thing too. They would have all lost me $.

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    1 Attachment(s) Here are 5 of 8 trades out of last week. All closed by Friday, and opened Wednesday. This can be from a small live account, using Oanda's proprietary platform.

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