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Thread: Can anyone prove broker fraud?

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    Can sharp practises be called fraud? How can one prove a case a lousy transaction is left to wipe out an account and then run it into a negative balance?
    Margin calls are supposed to be wen free margin is zero rather than negative balance right? (I had been taught you cant loose more than your capital in forex trading)

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    How can you know that they did not file a complaint? Do you truly feel that the NFA will record and publicise every single criticism made by each and every individual?
    I said I would not take my thread out of context by arguing with all the conspiracy theorist (that really is a pointless exercise as they can cook conspiracies that can angle them out of any argument,) but I can not help it....

    In the National Futures Association:

    One of the first things any investor must do prior to trading futures is run a background check about the companies and individuals offering these products. Using NFA's Background Affiliation Status Information Center (BASIC), investors can quickly and easily check the enrollment status and disciplinary history of each firm and individual conducting futures business with the retail people.

    If you're ripped off, and will prove, the NFA will discipline your broker and put it in their background. THAT'S THE FREAKING PURPOSE OF THE NFA! (Unless, of course, you're trading using a non-NFA manhood, which could be your fault for doing so.)

    Please post your FILED COMPLAINTS PipStar, so that we may see them here, and get on with this thread.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;

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    Gap = A break in price where no one exchanged. It happens, esp round weekends. Look at this weekend, lots of openings. They are inclined to close during the upcoming few bars, so they make good short-term trades with (usually) a fantastic ROI.

    Lets say you're long and have a negative balance on a trade. You're near margin. The weekend comes, Sunday pub opens waaaaay lower and openings down. Because there was no trading in a greater price, the system can not possible fill you in a greater price, the only thing that could do is call your own trades in at the price it has... that is the gap price (the opening of the pub). Equilibrium outcomes, and your broker is going to need you to pay that balance unless they have obtained a guarantee against negative accounts and are willing to forgive it.

    A stop loss has the exact same problem, a gap can cause you to stop out farther than you planned.

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    All a broker has to say is that prices are indiive (which they are) and you have no ground to stand on. Additionally, spot fx brokers should be referred to as market makers. They make the market for their traders. They make it is completely up to them. If they tell you that you are certain to get filled at what you see or click on and you dont understand what you see or click on that is defrauding the customer. I dont know of any market manufacturers in the US that still offer a guarantee. Are there any?

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    During the time you're trading, you have to open more than one broker's metatrader. You will able to make decision and know which is fair and unfair broker. .

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