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Thread: Dukascopy vs FXOpen ECN

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    ... what's that suppose to mean??????
    So, your presentation receives the prices from various Liquidity providers then your real accounts Liquidity Providers???

    What in the heck Aggregated with all the orders of additional demonion traders means????? . . Does this mean that demo prices vary according to orders from demonion traders???? .
    It is a demonion ECN market. Can you see the link I gave you? It will answer all your questions.

    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    How The ECN (Electronic Communiions Network) operates is insignificant.
    The only things that matters is by where FXopen receive the prices and that which Quote for their clients and what prices feed the demos.
    Actually it is very related to an ECN broker how an ECN operates. The demonion is supposed to reflect the manner that the live platform provides you the chance to be a complete market player offering prices to others rather than simply taking them from a price feed.

    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    Of course it does... I do trade using Dukascopy Bank.
    And Since I have too much to lose I would never trade with an Australian Broker with much more then a couple of thousands I am able to lose 100%.
    In case Dukascopy matches youpersonally, I am happy for you. There are many others who like FXOpen and select us rather. You are welcome to test us daily should you change your mind or if Dukascopy no longer satisfies your requirements.

    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    When a forex Brokers go awry or Bk in Australia, there is no recourse of getting deposits backs... maybe 20, 30 cent per each dollar but not 100% following Regulators stop the Broker from operating. [/color]

    RMs and amateurs of Australian brokers have clear instructions about the best way best to operate and there is a private responsibility on them to report breaches of license conditions or the law to ASIC. The lines drawn by ASIC are intended to stop the broker from operating when those lines are crossed that gives considerable margin for error significance a broker...
    Feel free to bomb our demonion servers with crazy orders. You'll see how great our technology is

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    In case Dukascopy matches you, I am happy for you. There are others who like FXOpen and select us. You are most welcome to test us daily should you change your mind or if Dukascopy no longer meets your needs.

    Don't hesitate to bomb our demonion servers with mad orders. You will see how great our technology is
    Sure... if one day Customers from Forex Brokers in Australia are compensated
    by a Compensation Funds such as in Switzland, UK along with also the case of Broker failure.... Only then and then I'd think about a Australian Broker.

    I think I left my point to the original matter of the post and why.
    Now anyone can create their own decision.

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    Hi I opened a ECN account with Fxopen (my first ECN account ) this past week.
    How different is actual ECN from your presentation ECN? And what should I avoid performing on actual ECN I maybe did on demonion to not get into trouble(any advice?)

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    Hello I started an ECN account with Fxopen (my first ECN account ) this week.
    How different is actual ECN from your presentation ECN? And what should I avoid doing on actual ECN I possibly did on demonion to never get into trouble(any advice?)
    Hello LongForDeep.

    Demo and live are similar except for the unlimited liquidity in the demo account. This means your fills are more or less ensured in presentation. Regardless, you shouldn't have to modify your trading style on a live account if you are delighted with your presentation trading.

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    Please follow the link- very interesting info about solved cases:
    Also a few words about authentic ECN/STP:
    ECN is a digital communiion system, where human traders and banks (major brokerages) interact between themselves, where the banks place orders of traders in their own system.
    In the center of any ECN establishes an order matching system. It automatically executes the opposite (buy and sell) orders upon meeting of some parameters (financial tool, price, quantity).
    Presently, there are almost none #8220;pure#8221; ECN at the retail Forex Market. Instead the ECN/STP plot is present: the traders#8217; orders placed with a broker interact between themselves (ECN) or the STP mechanism is utilized. When there's absolutely no counterparty (reverse counter order) for the order in the inner ECN, but there's a satisfying one from the external (from Liquidity Provider) #8211; your request is delivered to the external LP through STP mechanism.

    The simplest evaluation of ECN (ECN/STP):
    Placing a Limit Order inside of the DAB* (Difference between the Finest BID and the best Offer (ASK)). It changes and keeps the BestPrice (the BestPrice doesn#8217;t enhance ), until the Limit Order is implemented or until one more Limit Order with a better price seems;
    For example: while using ECN, it is simple to play the DAB. You may produce a tight DAB for any non-liquid fiscal tool. For instance, if the average DAB equals 70 points, you can reduce it to 10 points #8211; all you have to do would be to maintain your Limit Order at 10 points in the contrary price. It's possible to limit the BestPrice and you're able to cut back the DAB. Take into account, that you are able to do it with no execution of your orders #8211; simply grab the time to move your Limit Order.

    Placing two reverse Limit Orders with exactly the same price inside the DAB provides instant execution for the 2 orders #8211; #8220;you buy it from yourself#8221;. It's necessary to take into account such parameters as volume of your order, execution speed and order#8217;s lineup.
    If the above conditions are satisfied, you cope with ECN (ECN/STP). If not, it isn't the true ECN. So FXOpen it's appropriate broker. Test it out in Ducas, please.

    Another significant point for the trader#8217;s consideration:
    On the Market Maker version the customer Buy Limit order is implemented at PriceAsk, Sell Limit at PriceBid.
    Some ECN / STP brokers supply the market character of the execution of Limit orders (illuion FXOpen). Buy Limit order goes to the Level II to BID, Sell Limit to ASK.
    · Sell #8203;#8203;Market Order is executed against reverse Buy Limit.
    · Buy Market Order is implemented against reverse Sell Limit.
    Consequently, there might be cases of execution of Buy Limit orders at PriceBid, Sell Limit at PriceAsk, which can be a significant advantage for trader. It increases the expected price of execution of Limit orders and effectively supplies the profit for trader.

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    Stay far from Fxopen

    see this case:

    1. You may learn that they will refuse to assume any responsibility for any issue.

    2. Tighter spread maybe by adding some LP however, you will learn they are not a genuine ECN (post#22 23)

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