Trailing buy/sell stop EA?
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Thread: Trailing buy/sell stop EA?

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    Hi, anybody here with a script or a EA that trails the current price Xpips using a buystop or sellstop? I have been looking all over but can not find anything helpful.

    I'm investing in a trendfollowing system and I'm watching pullbacks. Lets say on a downtrend there's an upward pullback. When I see this pullback happen, I empower my script/EA that trails the pullback a couple of pips beneath the current price to get an optimal price to get back into the prevailing tendency (downwards) using a sellstop (sellstop having an option I choose when activating the script/EA). After execution of the halt, the script or EA would shut down.

    Everyone has some thing like this? I have been looking all over but something helpful like this just HAS to be around somewhere, no?

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    What I have is now an EA with reverse impending other that restored dropped if the trading additional hit ceased dropped (SL) with the view to recovering your lost. In case you're interested....well contact me!!!!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    I've been searching around
    Could not have appeared difficult... stop EA mt4

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    Couldn't have appeared difficult... stop EA mt4

    What is it with some people... have you even read my post? I wasn't talking about trailing stop(loss) at all. I have one of those and I am very pleased with it. I had been talking about PENDING orders: buy- or sellstops. That trail the current price. Sure, I could find some trailing stoploss EA and convert it to the program I want but that defeats the point of this request: I don't want to wind up writing a few crappy code to learn some genious has done the tough work of writing and testing an present piece of code.

    @owiesteve: thanks for your answer. I have a tool which performs what you describe. Thanks anyhow for the proposal.

    The purpose of this thread was to search for this particular instrument for my trading toolbox. I've a couple of scripts/EA's which perform very specific tasks that I use in my daily trading. I try to not re-invent the wheel by programming things that have been done previously by others. I just take those and tweak them to get my situation.

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    Yes, I know this is a long shot because this thread is dead but if anyone sees this and knows of a trailing buy/sell stop EA can they please post details of this here - or point me in the ideal direction.


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    Bulge? Or am I really going to have to code this myself?

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