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Thread: easyMarkets: where is the ch?

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    I'm not in favour of this practice what so ever.
    It sets a bad precedence and as others have highlighted there are other instruments to deal with such as choices which can be retrieved.

    The retail market must reflect the wholesale market as much as you can.

    Enticing people to offset trades is not the way ahead.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    Cancel a bad trade within an hour by paying for a small charge? First I would like to know what the fee is and whether or not it works as mentioned because it could be a life changer : create trades of 1 hour only and cancel all the bad ones, that is a dream come true but ... Where is the ch? Https:// Jeff
    There is no ch, price with this build-in option will vary depend on volatility and expected volatility, so if you think that for instance you can buy and sell eurusd with insurance just before NFP for small quantity of money you are mistaken. I suppose you will need to pay something about 50 pips value for extended and 50 pips for short, so 100 pips But if you create a trade on boring market without any events it will cost such as 5-10pips. It is promotion trick to get some newbies Recall that Easymarkets earns only when client loses.

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    I left a mean of 10'000 H1 pubs (EU) to determine whether the rebate would be profitable and ended up with 106 pips each H1 bar.

    Let's suppose we have a awful commerce :
    we must cover the spread (let's suppose 20 pips) and also the price of the cancellation (let's take 50 pips) : therefore a total of 70 pips

    if the second trade is great (50/50 proba) : let's suppose we earn 106 pips (the mean), also with the preceding cancellation : we created 36 - 20 = 16 pips

    maybe not a lot. Everything depends on the price of the cancellation at the end. When it's greater than (106 - two*spread) then do not buy it.
    That would be me advice.


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