Any FIX Developers here?
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Thread: Any FIX Developers here?

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    do we have some FIX developers here? How can you guys test your appliions? I am Not Just talking about getting prices but mostly sending trades, getting execution reports, shing transactions, managing of partial lawsuits ...


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    Well then, I helped my self.

    In case someone is interested: I'm going to find an account with to check my appliions.

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    Usually there is a demo atmosphere for you to test, and there is also generally a so-called UAT-server (user accpetance test). FIX users need to pass specific tests on the market, before going. likely wont cut it, since FIX is just a protocol, distinct venues have various implementations (what messages are supported, and what fields and so on). I.E. you cant simply plugplay Currenex and Hotspot. Its easier to switch venues but its not 1.

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    Hi shrike,

    Thank you!

    I'm aware that there are differences such as custom tags and that you will find conformity tests. My problem is to test things which are unusual like those partial fills or rejections for example which I won't see on a demonion server in any way.

    It's not perfect.

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