After my morning anaylsis I identified the GBP as the best pair to trade to the brief side.

My 1:1 and 2:1 goal were hit. I was going for a runner in my final quarter into a weekly pivot (S1) but that I trailed my stop too closely.

Entry 1.5990
Stop 1.6010

Goal 1 1.5970
Goal 2 1.5950
Goal 3 1.5925

This transaction was founded on a 5min fib pullback into the 50ema along with a 60min pullback into the 20ema. Overall trade was implemented to my egy and in hindsight I should have moved cease to entrance on the last quarter and then trail using the 50ema. I shall note this in my #8216;Weekly Lessons Learnt#8217; log and also execute this egy going forward.

Total result of this trade was just over 1 percent.

I've attached my chart to show you my entries and goals.

Happy Trading