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Thread: Earning 10-20% per month on 10k capital: Realistic?

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    I really do really commerce in the way described above. I don't really feel that it is original. I am very sure that it's a really well-trodden route to wealth. It is reassuring as a pack animal (apes because we are) to have other people of the species accompany you. So. I would be happy to communie with other people who trade like this. SW
    Feel free to talk about your trading system/style as I'm curious how you achieve your gains.


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    Profit targets are pointless. You can not predict if there will be opportunities on the market. 10-20 percent is realistic That said. It will make you a plogical mess. Envision having 100K and shedding 20K in a day. Or 1000K and shedding 200K in a day. That is a house I just lost. I'm worthless. I want to go kill myself.

    I have not yet lost a house, but I've lost expensive automobiles. Recently in Feb/March. It is painful and you'll have to figure out how to deal with those pains. Otherwise, it is going to affect your trading.

    If you're going all in with 10K and seeking to make 10-20percent a month, figure out how to deal with the huge losses.

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    The Do not trade with what. . Is an oldie but is place on..something that most newbies will need to consider prior to blowing their accounts.
    Just remember that trading online isn't easy, requires discipline and you'll require a trading egy to trade successfully. .

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    On account aiming for 20-30% gains is betting.

    Couple short stories of mine in yesteryear with examples why.

    When I started forex nearly 5 ago,theres was that this brokers lets call him a bit dodgy in nature of the company,where I would not trust it using 100$.
    But this particular broker had promotions like Christmas,Easter or whatever.So one day I see 50$ free in account that wasnt used for ages,to money it out just thing needed was to raise account to 150$,and I gave that account to someone who was a bit into trading and after approximately 3 weeks of slow transactions risking low it grew to 140$ afterward closing step took one big trade for nearly 1 mini lot and couple pips afterwards cashed it in.took nearly week to hustle the broker to acquire money,but finally they did.
    Success in this narrative lies between the person who was trading because he wouldn't risk much but enough to raise it by couple $ every day,and most significant thing was individual treated account badly even thou it was just 50 bucks-adding for this it was free money so no pressure if it went .

    One of mine tales is comparable started using 200$ and close to 3 months increased it to 900$-if I remember correctly it was usually 2-3 open positions between 15k with 50% leverage.but that's just plain luck,as down the street I was able to blow several accounts of 1-2k in weeks or even some even in days.
    Moral of the story it hurts like shit when you get such blows,wind up in the morning to see 100 pips in crimson without a way to back down since over 70 percent of account is already lost.Only thing that keeps you together at such times understanding that the money you lost was yours and savings of a kind that don't impact your daily life.
    Its best to build it small and if you are good it will grow as you proceed,then risking a lot in your lucky streak where bunch lots could wash you wash within morale and hours being disturbed that you wish it never happened.

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    Quite easy if you understand what you are doing to accomplish.

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    For me, nothing makes sense than placing yourself profit goals. Well thought out performance goals might help you develop your trading, but setting yourself a profit target will push you to behave in order to meet goals.

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