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    Got thrown off the area.
    Trading requires quite good discipline.
    Got thrown away now.
    Did not follow the egy correctly.
    Used some previous egies that never actually worked in the past. What on earth made me believe now they'd work?
    Obsession with ching shirts and bottoms.
    Dumb dumb dumb...
    will get back on the right track with base candle machine.... Next week...
    I don't want to look at another 1 minute chart again!!!!!

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    Outcomes for 2nd day with base candle system.
    Am employing a micro account just like I'd use a demo.
    I enjoy using the actual money even thought it is just pennies. It keeps my attention better.
    Have downloaded a pc alarm clock. Am using 15 minute charts so I set the clock for 1 minute before the new candle appears.
    10:14, 10:29, etc. so I have a minute to test whether there's a setup. Am using six pairs to watch. The majors plus EURJPY and AUDUSD.

    34 pips before lunch. .
    Click the information to zoom...

    site for free alarm clock

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    Fantastic system.
    Thank you so much Bigmanin.
    You have saved a lifetime. .
    Results from my micro account that I like to use since it is an issue of pennies (do not believe that they do not add up pretty quick at 400:1 if you are not careful) to test out new egies after using the demo for some time.

    Ticket # Currency Vol Date Sold Bought
    23521267 EUR/USD 1K 07/29/09 02:23:51 1.41215 1.41179 $0.36
    23522855 EUR/JPY 1K 07/29/09 03:34:13 133.168 133.120 $0.51
    23523887 GBP/USD 1K 07/29/09 04:37:29 1.63719 1.63745 $0.26
    23523907 GBP/USD 1K 07/29/09 04:40:27 1.63696 1.63661 $0.35
    23524252 EUR/USD 1K 07/29/09 05:03:45 1.41424 1.41387 $0.37
    23527932 EUR/USD 1K 07/29/09 08:45:39 1.40937 1.40848 $0.89
    23531093 EUR/USD 1K 07/29/09 10:31:43 1.40778 1.40715 $0.63
    23532349 EUR/JPY 1K 07/29/09 11:14:48 133.422 133.303 $1.25
    Total: $4.62

    That 46 pips before lunch...
    Thank you again. The egy's ease is

    Are there audio alarms on the xpMA? Looking at the meta editor there appear to be. How can they be triggered?

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    Pure price action predied.
    Nice 2 candle system
    am practicing.
    Nice to receive all the indiors off my charts which were cluttering things up.
    Can see how this may be quite profitable.
    Clean and neat...

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