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    Creating a system is the very best system. Honestly, I've tried quite a few and they are all only good to a certain stretch. The Holy Grail only exists for the machine founders who make people think their system is profitable. Don't get me wrong, I haven't been disappointed, I am seeing it with no emotion. I have made my expertise and I trust my own transactions (and EAs) over those others.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    Frankly, I've tried quite a few and they are only great to a certain stretch.
    But that's your own trading platform, you can customize it so it will fits to specific market situations. Demo account is a great place to build, customize and mend your own trading platform with no risk...

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    quote But that's your own trading platform, it is possible to personalize it so that it will fits to certain market situations. Demo account is a great spot to build, customize and mend your own trading platform with no risk...
    I concur, a functioning trading platform needs continuous upkeep, that's why I wrote to a certain stretch. I am constantly using demo accounts in order to find parametrizations to current market situations via backtesting. That's what most trading platform founders don't need to do, they just sell. And that's why I judged that as being reduced upkeep.

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    #8203;I really don't know whether there are systems which work, I didn't find any, but in my own experience the system is just 10 percent of the equation. I began making profits when I understood that plogy is the most important aspect in trading. So 90 percent for me is plogy. That is what makes money. I exchange 60 sec binaries, most men and women think I am crazy but with basic price action and the right plogy I really do make 30% profits per month for the past one and a half a year and a very good living from trading.
    So that I would not advise everyone to focus on locating the perfect system as it does not exist, or I didn't find it, but find a trading method which makes sense to you, work on your plogy and you'll be OK.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    no they dont, the boys really know these egies and proceed against them, you have to be flexible on your strategy depending the various scenarios.
    Who are these big boys? Where could they be located?

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    Trading the news seem more robust than a lagging indior, just be certain that you lower losses and catch profit systematically.

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    The big boys, the rich traders, the Forex millionaires.
    Mysterious creatures that have not been observed. Everyone talk about these, but they never seem (ok, occasionally, when they want to offer you something).

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    any profitable trading system will operate provided that the consumer possess the discipline to follow rules, most traders do not, that's the reason why they neglect
    Therefore, the rumors are true... there is a guy in his pajamas, conducting any profitable trading system from his garage who now owns half the world?

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