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quote Hey, I have to say that you are doing awesomely good for all by providing us with thee lovely fashion ching indiors. Please do I get the source (.mq4) documents? I want them to build an EA in the indiors. Please allow me to. And is the xFSignals indior available for MT4 build 600 and above? I tried the v1.00 and it wont work. It showed me 103 errors too, As soon as I tried to compile. Thanks in advance brother. We all appreciate lots
The source for those indiors is supplied in the very first article. If you want to use the source you will need to remove the'.' In most all and in the parameter names instances of usage of said variables in the code. You should be able to do that, if you are going to build an EA then.

No, the xFSignals indior isn't updated for build 600 . It is old and for a method that no one uses as the machine was deemed to not be profitable. So I really don't think it has been used anymore.