How many pips to turn $50 usd to $1000 using only .01 lots?
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Thread: How many pips to turn $50 usd to $1000 using only .01 lots?

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    For some reason, the idea of lots and leverage completely confuse me. Its basically because I feel I am ok in my cash management. By fine, I mean I just don't concentrate on leveraging my cash at the moment. Its just learning it.

    When I can't make pre leveraging, then Implementing will be a tragedy.

    So for the sake of interest, how many pips would I need to turn$50 usd to $1000 if I only traded .01 lots per trade?

    Another question... what is the farthest someone has taken a sub $100 account?

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    1 lot = 1 pip ~ $10
    0.1 lot = 1 pip ~ $1
    0.01 lot = 1 pip ~ $0.1

    You want to earn $950:
    With 1 lot it'd take 95 pips since 1 pip = $10.
    With 0.1 lot it'd take 950 pips since 1 pip = $1.
    So with 0.1 it'd take 9500 pips since 1 pip =0.1.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    1000-50=950 950/10=95 95/0.01=9500 pips
    The above is correct . (state is that each 1 pip is equal to ten cents or $0.10.
    While trading gold/silver/crude/etc the worthiness of every pip is a lot greater compared to 10 cents.
    In currencies like audnzd/gbpnzd/gbpcad/etc the worthiness of every pip is a little less than 10 cents

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    95/0.01=9500 pips

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