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Thread: Grid trading with very low leverage

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    Sorry just curious why would not Eur/Usd be the best pair at the moment? Yellen seems dead set on hiking interest rates to the roof paired with the instability in Europe at the moment (BREXIT, Immigration, political unrest, rise or the right) I do not see the way the EUR will ever be able to reach preceding highs and can just see down it in the long run. (Take this with a grain of salt I may be a bit biased I have begun opening up shorts on the 1.135, it will likely hit 1.16 like last season but I will continue to keep these shorts unless it breaches the 1.2)

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    You're right. Euro might go down but for sure not against the Dollar that is doomed too. It's just the question that of both will wreck first.

    If I could take a bet I'd move all in in metals such as Gold and Silver.

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    Little update. I ceased my AUD/JPY long tail and started a new EUR/JPY short grid. It's not that bad related to swaps but I believe we may see some awful months ahead from the stock markets which will result in some unwinding and likely Yen strength.

    I'm very bullish in Gold and Silver, and incredibly bearish for the US dollar for the Upcoming few years to come. EUR/USD may see 1,20 amounts again, not because the Euro is in a fantastic form but because the Dollar will endure.

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    I understand this Gold trade is not grid related but I let this 1 run to 13xx levels or even greater:

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    Reloaded my grid for GBP/CHF:

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    Hi !

    I see We exchange very similarily. I also exchange with Oanda, very low leverage, also grid equally trading (I set a grid in regard to BBand).
    I am curious: Do You hedge a few of the positions (might also be grid ) on additional accounts?
    If so - can it be more or less the exact same dimensions of positins or You govern it with e.g. swaps?


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    I have been trading this manner using a similar egy for several decades (the first table that I did on excel for this grid dates from 2013),.... Typically in each broker account I will follow 4 different currency pairs each with favorable swap.
    No SL, no established TP
    I analyze the historical movements to loe base amounts and median to help choose the currency but ultimately requires positive swap
    Prefer and the Buy side where possible
    Not a established grid but I know my approximate distances between transactions
    Low lot dimensions and cash management is what

    But swaps chnage over time and must be viewed: an example is the AUDUSD, used to cover good swap, now alot of brokers are already placing it on unfavorable for the Buy so less chance for me.
    But currency pairs such as NZDCHF remain in great position.

    Additionally word of caution on the DD, as sometimes this may increase to high levels (at the moment DD is reduced for me) I utilize several broker accounts.... If your broker goes bankrupt (eg or they have to shut trades.... Your DD is thought of as losses.... So money management and risk management is all about.

    Trading performed virtually always using the telephone MT4, and does not a lot of time.

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