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Thread: Different Pair Different Rules? Whats your say?

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    Hi guys, apparently different pairs require different egy as it is impossible to have a one egy fits all pairs.

    What is your opinion?

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    Applies to all currency pairs!

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    Larger spreads, larger moves, distinct political, economic and seasonal impacts... other than that they still go up and return.

    Want wager?

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    Same rule should be applied to all pairs. Buy low sell high.
    Yes, this principle is for many currency pairs because everybody trade for profit.

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    I believes spread matters too, as a few pairs with 10 pip spreads, and a few with 1 pip spread that make the differences.

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    I apply the same system to different currencies but I end up tweaking the real values for inputting and existing. As an Example if your rule would be to input if volume is gt; 2000 to get EUR/USD it might be lower for GBP/USD

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    Depends on how you define different rules. As an example, the AUDUSD ought to be traded throughout the Asian session and perhaps not during the European session. Same with the USDCAD throughout the US session rather than the Asian.

    But actually the rule is to discover the best trading instances which is exactly the same rule for all pairs but with different interpretation.

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    I feel there are so many principles, indiors, and egies it can be too much in the beginning.

    This website has some good material that might help you get knowledgeable about the basics. Some of the videos are a little out dated, but a pretty good free source overall.

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    Same principle ought to be applied to all pairs. Buy low sell high.

    One variation. . It is possible to also market high buy low

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