here's my 1st trade I made with this new thread

EURAUD - PB broke , entered @ 1.6878 market stop - entered with 2 percent risk meaning 0.24 mini-lots.

SL - 1.7133 - a bit over the resistance line and over the most recent 4h PB - I entered the transaction after that PB formed

BTW - I am considering InterBankFx charts - GMT 0

how is the transaction moving: it did well when I got back home - it was up 100 pips or so.
Currently (20:30 GMT 2 - I'm in Israel) it's ranging from 20-45 pips profit.

I will use MBQ11's trailing stop method - bar count, but I set my own TP @ 1.6465 since it's been a crazy week for this pair and I don't want it to bounce of the resistance @ 1.6350 without me being arround - I will not be around for next few months - in October I will start after my transactions more carefully and will even take 4h installations.

Thats it for today - I will edit at the end of the day.

Edit1- couldn't wait but price is moving down really strong right now, currently I am @ 150ish pips profit.