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Thread: Mamutots Trading Journal

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    WellI thought I might start a diary for a simple reason - showing my transactions taken to all you guys would make me more carefull using the transactions I take
    because in the last week I left few who are prety much dumb!!

    I am trading James16 Price Action style, with other stuff - I will try to do it using something else that I dont remember its name but it entails RSI14, hope to Generate some pips

    my beginning equilibrium:




    I am in 2 transactions currently:

    EURUSD Extended - daily pinbar

    USDCAD Long - monthly pinbar

    I am trading using interbankfx, so I can exchange microlots - I started with 2 percent risk, and proceeded to 1 percent, but I decided that when I see really good oppurtunities I will use up to 2 percent, most of the trades would be 1 percent

    nicely - we start on monday,actually tuesday because monday isnt per day I enjoy trading

    **everyone is wellcome to post their trades/comments/ideas/ideas ***

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;

    here's my 1st commerce I created with this new thread

    EURAUD - PB broke , entered @ 1.6878 Sell stop - entered with two% risk meaning 0.24 mini-lots.

    SL - 1.7133 - a little over the resistance line and over the most recent 4h PB - I entered the trade then PB formed

    BTW - I am considering InterBankFx charts - GMT 0

    how is the trade going: it did well when I got back home - it had been up 100 pips or so.
    Currently (20:30 GMT 2 - I am in Israel) it is ranging from 20-45 pips profit.

    I will use MBQ11's trailing stop method - pub count, but set my own TP @ 1.6465 because it has been a crazy week with this pair and don't want it to bounce of the resistance @ 1.6350 without me being arround - I will not be around for next couple of months - in October I'll begin after my trades more attentively and will even take 4h installations.

    Thats it for now - I can edit at the end of the day.
    Good luck, great trade colossal! Raz

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    good fortune, fantastic trade mammoth! Raz
    Because of Raz! the 1st to comment! weeeeyuuuu!!!

    Hope I can do fine!

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    Great commerce on EURAUD mamutot congrats on starting your journal - I see you have been motivated from the ribbon, in my humble opinion not a bad place to begin.

    Good luck with your trading your journal

    Kind Regards

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    Men - I must say - I'm Excited, thrilled, and on the verge of having a rip

    thank you for inviting me

    that's awesome.

    Btw - that the EURAUD is a truly great one - I waited to it that the whole past week.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    Men - I need to say - I'm Excited, thrilled, and on the verge of getting a tear

    thank you for inviting me

    that's wonderful.

    Btw - the EURAUD is really a great one - I waited for it the whole past week.

    Well, you did well - I entered brief at 1.6921 was stopped out for only 40 pips - I should have held on...

    Kind Regards

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    Fantastic luck w/ the diary.

    It a excellent way to return in your mistakes in addition to keep tabs on your own success.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    Good luck w/ the journal.

    It's great way to return in your errors in addition to keep track of your success.
    Thanks turbo

    *I hope the thread won't be just thank you and stuff but I would rather be nice in the begining - isnt that so?

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    It is nice you can have something else to help you trade in lower timeframe it gives us an Head Shoulders pattern on the 15 min - I DONT TRADE THIS TF, I only checked it and watched it and smiled. . Like that -

    there it's:

    btw - does it count as HS??? Hahah - I don't know...

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