What a Long, Strange, Trip its been....Musings of an aging Hippie
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Thread: What a Long, Strange, Trip its been....Musings of an aging Hippie

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    This is something I've been meaning to do for a while. . .to maintain a journal of my transactions, and the ideas and mindset concerning them. To the many of you atforexsoutheast.asiawhose journals I've read, thanks to the inspiration and motivation to finally do so myself. Life is becoming active really for me at this time, and I really don't know if I will be able to post trades since they're created, but will do the best I could.

    Currently open:

    7/18/07 Extended EUR/USDShows 1.3810

    7/18/07 Extended GBP/JPY@250.32

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    Thanks Kevin, I appreciate it.

    7/19/07 Long AUD/JPY@107.64

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    Stopped out, -166 pips. Damn, that was fast. 'Tis fine though, can't expect to win them all. My triumph% seems to vary between 60-80?pending on the pair. But, my R/R is 1:2, with minor variations, and risk is capped at 1.5percent or less per trade, again, based on pair.

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    Closed Euro@ 1.3825 15 (trailing hit)

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    Well, it has been some time, and lifestyle remains rather feverish, but here is yet another attempt at this whole journal-keeping process. Now's trade was shot @ 7:24 a.m EST- at the future, I'll attempt to post if I actually spend the trade.

    GBP/JPY: Buy @ 149.05, changed S/L to 154.07 @ 4:20 EST - 650 pips, 500 secured in.

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    Update:GBP/JPY: TP hit @ 158.89 984 pips.

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    Bought EUR/JPY @ 123.86 -10:09 P.M.

    S/L: 122.13
    T/P: 134.17

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    EUR/JPY: S/L hit @ 122.13 -173 pips.

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    EUR/JPY: Buy @ 124.02 8:55 a.m.

    S/L: 122.35

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    GBP/JPY: Buy @ 156.27 9:25 a.m.

    S/L: 154.51 T/P: 159.50

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