Can a £5 Account be Profitable
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Thread: Can a £5 Account be Profitable

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    This thread is only a thing for me to play with. It is meant to be a distraction and not anything more.
    This really isn't my principal trading account, nor does it reflect how I trade.
    I'm not here to teach.
    I'm not here to explain what I do or I do it.

    I will be trading a #5 account.
    My aim is to determine if I can grow it into a degree that will allow me to make normal withdrawals.
    Trade Explorer is going to be attached.
    I shall trade way too much volume concerning account size so don't be astonished by large drawdown.
    If I blow the account I shall start again until I get tired.

    That's it

    I know the name of the journal indies that it is only one more crappy thread, which is how I read the following one explained lately and perhaps it is. I did attempt to change the name but I missed the window of opportunity to do so.

    Anyhow for now this will simply be my diary. An area to post a few charts .

    However, the idea to cultivate a very small account is something that I've thought about for some time and it'll be a continuous part of my diary for the time being. The reason is that I think it is possible but once I began trading I'd read things such as to be successful at trading you must begin using a 2K account or even more. Hopefully I can debunk that myth, although time is running out until leverage restrictions will indeed make it impossible

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    I am pleased to state that so far it's a favorable week for my little #5 account. Launched on Monday with #5 and it's now on #13. I'm pretty happy with that considering I'm just trading which account on the side once I will manage it. Most of the time I'm focused on my additional trading. If I can reach #15 by close of play tomorrow I am going to be happy.

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    Finding time to exchange has been hard this week so much but I was able to find a few trades in now. Here is my trade of this day.

    Same transaction from H1 perspective. Short from H4 Supply zone.

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    Hitting the street today for my long drive home

    Not a bad week trading however. Pleased with the rise of my trade explorer account.

    And made a few bucks for the spouse too lol.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    Trade now closed

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    An expression in the UK is that it's almost always best to measure off on the ideal foot. Or a different one with a similar significance is beginning as you mean to go on.

    That's the way I like to operate generally and trading is no different. For me the very first trade of the day is essential. It's not the size of the transaction or profit that counts but if it's a winner it means that I can go forward more easily with a positive mindset.

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    Not the best day to get me personally on my other account. Still finished positive therefore it's not all bad but had any successive losses which had a large effect on my profits.

    My losses are too large in comparison to my wins but it generally still works for me because I am normally quite consistent with my wins. I could of course use a tighter stop loss to reduce the size of my losses but I've discovered that by doing this my ceases get hit more frequently.

    Additionally my losses began coming when I changed from Dax to Dow. I tell myself to not exchange Dow or reduce my lots but on occasion the greed monster gets the best of me.

    Oh well you live and learn. Well, I will afternoon

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    quote trust with this two files will probably be fine place no 5 (Can get the document from the link over as the document I attached I edited the code font color) file file picture
    Aha, I see. I didn't understand what I was looking for but I find it works today. Thank you for the share

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