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    low risk sell for today

    edit1: reduction, turned upward and shut MT4

    edit2: buy succesfull, TP1closed 25pips and second half moved to BE.

    outcome: - 4x8pips , 2x25, 35 and 40 pips

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    yellow area on M15 and M30 occured. This means there'll be some transfer /1000points /. Until the other yellow area will occured. It looks like buy.

    So I BUY with around 25pip SL risk , you will find 4xTP 300, 600, 1000, 2000

    other notes: Daily is buy, Price above 200 and 50 MA on H4 exactly. Maybe too obvious which means spike. . Waiting M30 candle near. For now its flawlessly setted up for buying, I presume.

    edit1: I want to provide my trade exactly like that / H4/, so whatever set up, final platform.

    edit2: await bang /tight H1 BB range/, I believe Im on right side.

    edit3: nice bang, H1 tight including yellow area are always great. TP1 TP2 hitted, SL moved to BE.

    edit4: it doesnt look like more breakout, but it doesnt look like flip down. So who knows, if the target will be hit by them, I will keep remainder of my trades and wait. If some reversal signal occur, I close among those.

    Edit5: shut the remainder

    result: 30 , 60, 35, 35 pips , risked 4x25pips

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    now Im shorting from yesterdays packed with target now open price, after that I will try to buy around yesterdays open.

    Edit1: I had a luck, 2points not hitted SL, I then transferred SL a little /only20points/ . .and TP1 hitted, the rest of sell moved SL on BE

    I have buy orders / and sell's TP2/ on 1.23300

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    today shorting again till 1.23187 , where I have TPs for shorts and buy orders two points reduced

    edit1: three parts of brief standing closed on 27pips. Remaining two moved SLs into BE

    edit2: pyramiding brief according to M30 no supply pattern, till my goal. All position is on BE.

    edit3: SL hitted, no loss. Waiting if my BUY orders are ched. I do not see real strenght to go BUY now.

    Edit4: BUY orders hitted , need to be carefull to get additional drop. I would love to see real strength and consolidation above 1.2323

    edit5: BUY closed on BE, I don't find power, thats all for today.

    Result: 3x27pips several pips BE

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    now I will respect M30 yellow loion. Im BUY with SL bellow area and I've sell orders, above his loion with SL.

    Edit1: H1 yellow area occuring , extremely tight M30 BB range. Ought to be interesting now. Anyhow, buy above and sell bellow the area have to be way of trading. Really no surprise that there is massive activity on 1.23232, but what that is, buy or sell, I think buy, but can be wrong.

    edit2: good, now no provide pattern on M30. We can go high I presume, I wanted to buy from this level. Finally. . Acctually, no provide pattern forming, not confirmed, if next bull candle on M30 close on really low volume I shall think about stop, if it will shut above and higher quantity, then its confirmed no provide pattern

    edit3: that seems a bit complied, but not awful. However, I want to see some strenght. Crossing of todays H1 yellow pattern could be sign of stop BUY and start SELL, of course. Now logically setted. Closing MT4, will check.

    edit4: SLs hitted -16pips , sell order hitted, Im in SELL now, SL above H1 yellow area, 20pip risk .

    Edit5: SL hitted back , - 2x20pips , again BUY, above H1 yellow, SL 23pips

    edit6: BE , 15pips

    end result now : -57 pips , awful but Im still green in complete, and it seems this H1 will work for buying next week

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    sell, with 25risk, argesive direction needed, risky commerce

    notes: W1 is more like up , D1 is down , M5 is down, its monday and London simply opened.

    Edit1: reduction 2x-31pips , again sell with 23pips risk, edit 50pips risk, I really need this trade, nor wish to be kicked off.

    edit2:'m not pleased with this trade, but I think in D1 formations with quantity and it still seem down, which will be great position in additional bigger move. I will see and won't move my SL . Strike is 1.23580 and SL is on 1.24075

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    still in exchange, close to SL. Few areas M5, M15 occured before London session.

    Edit1: move SL a little , to 1.24120, as a final desperate act. /1.24077 is extremely strong level/

    edit2: From monday, I should stick to the my original scheme /red lines/ - over is buy and bellow will be sell. It was easy. But I let cheat myself. M30 and H1 areas are most powerful signals, I should remember this.

    edit3: LS hitted, reduction, sell again with 20pip risk. I would like a break, my trading is poor.

    Edit4: crossing M15 and two M5 areas, so this can be start of enormous market out as I expected, but I was kicked away.

    that is my current position D1:

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    fine M15 yellow area occured, I remain in sell for today

    edit1: not awful, I wouldn't search for inverse sign to buy until it will move at least 500 points down from yellow area

    edit2: I dismissed H1 pinbar and another signs for reverse and which was ideal. New M30 yellow area occured, I will watch this level, if crossing I will shut my sells

    edit 3: crossing, I won't ignore all this buy mess, so shut sell: 2x and BUY, 24pip risk, If another crossing back on M30 that I will likely shut it, But after that I see that I anticipate big buy tendency. Notice GB is falling.

    edit4: new M5 yellow area occured, I figure selling but will wait for confirmation. I alter leverage to 1:500 for one turbo-trade. Im IN and thinking if I should hold or close. I'm watching closely this yellow area

    edit5:shut sufficient. 1:500 is pure adrenaline, changed back to 1:25. oh. .

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    RIP me, account dismissed, 1:500 leverage . .

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    sell, with risk 25pips

    edit1: shut on BE, new M30 yellowish area occured. All seem for BUY, only night M5 pattern seem for sale. I'll wait for formations about that new M30 Yarea , Want to wait for London open.

    edit2: couple pips risk test sell trade additional, right bellow the M5 yellowish area. Just want to see if it work or not. SL hitted -2x6 pips

    edit3: BUY using SL 20pips /bellow today M30 Yarea/ , I believe this is right way.

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