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    Never lose your religion and your confidence, because that is. Money is just digits and it doesn't have anything to do with your self that is true, it comes after you and you have to never let cash enslave you. Its a powerful weapon, but its not an objective. The best course of being a trader are different from figuring out how to make money. Years ago, If I knew what I'm went to find out later, I'd have thought it would make me a individual. It didn't. If I get a whole lot more succesful than currently am, It wouldn't matter much if I don't know what is the goal of being together and with others. So think you may be losing your years in the wrong place, it may have nothing to do with trading, and what you would like in your life. You should really consider all of it. Forex speculation does not produce anything worthy it just transfers wealth from the ones that don't know and can do more. It is the person that makes any difference. Trading itself isn't anything, no matter how complex and great. Billions resting quietly in bank accounts, what exactly do they do for individuals? Think for yourself. Life is brief, digits are not going to give peace to us. They take a lot.
    Just how much are you prepared to lose, in order to win in the warfare of digits?

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    There's absolutely no reduction recovery in gambling. Since every trade that is next carries more risk and is on its own a profit/loss. We make link between our transactions, but the market does not. The recovery trade is nothing more. The one thing that matters is when and why you accept that you're wrong and consume your losses. If the trader is great, profits will probably be more and there wont be the requirement to recoup anything. As to reduction averting , well I think that the best way we could do that's to make better trading decisions sounds easy but...
    Should you make good trading decisions and you don't take excessive risk, you dont have that much to worry about.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    But I've made much progress since I began. Past the try and throw this and method phase. I've settled on a method. But I'm not consistent. I have not developed confidence in my own method. I deficiency exercise. I know I need more time. I wanted give it up but I couldn't.
    If you pass through the exact same cycle 5-10-20-30 times, then you have an opportunity to become a part of the small percent of profitable traders. Cannot remember or explain how often I have gone on the exact same loop - there, have some method, lacking consistency, lacking subject, lacking who knows what? That's the biggest issue. For the first years of this trading travel, most people just don't know what they don't know. You don't have any idea what exactly needs to be discovered to pass the barrier. There is no other way except to neglect many many times. Do not try and avoid that, just try not to lose your life savings during that stage and mess up your job/family etc.. Keep in mind that most people don't succeed in gambling and those that do succeed have spent about 5-10 decades and more, much less a pastime, but as a most important attraction. That are needed. I will just share my view. Initial - way above average intelligence. Because you have greater brain capacity the smarter the better and with time you can develop more complied ideas more accurately compared to majority of people. It's a competition sport. The richer and smarter win. Second - intense discipline. It took me to begin developing this trait. But don't confuse subject to rigidity. Intense discipline does NOT mean having a 1,2,3 checklist to open a trade and create ticks or aiming to get some fixed profit/loss or variety of transactions. That's rigidity and stupidity. Hard field means that you're very dedied and develop a pattern or close to ideal with your daily life and agendas. Everything in your life could be an obstacle for your trading success - children, wifes, supervisors, nights at the heart, weekends at the spa etc.. When you understand to what extent you can forfeit other things and could not be done, then you will become more disciplined. You also have to be very disciplined with cash, beyond your trading activities. Traders aren't individuals who spend all their cash on bullshit items, they're quite the contrary - great negotiators, savers, investors..yep. Great traders are individuals who know and restrain their incomes and expenses. Another very quality - versatility and philosophy. You need to be above the bullshit on the forums and also prepare to think out of this box and also to think with your brain. A very high dose of skepticism towards anything that you read about forex on the forums, articles, books television commercials and industrial STUFF! That's life saving from the first years of your journey. Then how can I learn when what's bullshit? That would be the great question to ask and has the capability to push you strongly into your direction. As much time goes on, you will adopt more professional attitude and you'll begin to understand how absurd are all the things that you come across on the topic. The ones will be slowly replaced by your own thoughts and ideas. And you'll begin to develop your OWN and unique egy and I guarantee you that it will be better you'll ever witness being posted everywhere.
    It all requires a lot, a LOT of time, brains, hard work, devotion and also some luck. .

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