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Thread: An ordinary journal

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    By an ordinary member that is non-high-impact.

    Last few months I got pissed off by a few people at FF, pretending to be so experienced , so very good at trading, they can tell the truth to others and they will direct them on the route of the force. People who form their thinking and compensated sites etc, people that never made it to get themselve so they have some need to be honored and appreciated on an anonymous forum. . I've been affected during my 7 decades of trading experience in a negative manner from such people, so I thought a lot about about it and decide that I have to give something back. That is the reason why I am openning this thread, as a journal , because it will contain personal views, some guie to people who are inexperienced with Currency Market, I really hope that there will be some traces here on this thread that are going to change others, help them to recognize what's the garbage and what's valuable and perhaps make them better traders. I dont consider myself as a professional trader, nothing outstanding, however I might have learned something that majority of struggling newcomers will discover valuable and I really could save lots of time. I will be selling anything, I will be committing any indiors or templates or anything, I will be presenting a system or methodology and I wont get into arguing my view. Trading is all about opinions. Loser and every winner has one. However, I dont start this thread for strengthening and discussing. I will lay down a few ideas, if somebody rewards my aim will be reached. This thread is merely about giving back some thing. I will be planning at saying/revealing anything specific as I posses no superpowers for trading no secrets or anything, there are lots of people with more skills than mine. But maybe I can stimulate traders change their design and to think in a way that is different. My articles might be infrequent, but I doubt that there will be many readers. So lets start. I will reserve articles below so I can make some structure and get back with a content for the ribbon.

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    I am not sure where to start. My purpose is to make articles that will benefit people that are beginners but also with some expertise that are struggling to find their way. So perhaps I need to start with a post regarding trading effort.
    I started trading back in 2009. Don#8217;t understand it had been all over tv and the net even back then, where I heard it out. I downloaded my mt4 platform from a scam broker and got into some demo. Metatrader seemed like a space-shuttle management board to me, I didn#8217;t have a clue about anything. I knew only there was some price rates of currencies. Long story short- I found that the very first forum that came before my eyes, it wasn't ff, made a enrollment and started exploring the amazing world of indiors and already made eas, blinking lights etc, I learned fast what they were, then the giant mistake, I arrived upon a martingale ea (a very popular one) and instantly started backtesting and refining to discover the best .set file and conquer the markets. I received some good backtest results and decided that in two or one years I would be a millionaire ! And place 5k live. Tremendous mistake. . Got the mfirst to a bout 7-8 and subsequently dropped all on a solid trend without retracements. That is the martingale fate. The good thing for that first year was that I learned a lot about indiors, how to set them in the right folders, I learned to operate the platform at a fundamental manner, I knew lots, tp and sl levels, for swap I'd no idea what it was. Therefore the conclusion in my very first year is the next #8211; any new trader should avoid bringing live cash . Before you simply play with a demo don # 8217; t have solid expertise, or stay and see, learn. There's not any way to start with cash when you haven # 8217; t, and be great. Trading is not really complex but it is hard and requires lot of scars and punches before you start getting it. So be ready to face lots of challenges and invest lots of time, It will happen in months and in a couple of yearsif you're a learner I don#8217;t think it is possible. There's extreme information overload nowadays, largely bullsh*t online so you will be confronting a lot of misleading always and particularly at first, as you aren't able to make difference between what information is beneficial and what's not and what info is intentionanlly distribute to disinform you. The best favour a totally inexperienced trader may perform for himself for the very first 6-12-maybe 18 months of his expertise is the next: Learn how the platform operates, what are the different platforms, why are there different platforms and what's the difference between these. Discover what are the typical indiors, how are they calculated, exactly what do they show, why could they work and why they don't do the job, but don#8217;t hurry to use them on live accounts and don#8217;t expect them to bring you profits. Concentrate on trading discussion forums and not much on egies. Trading talks contain lots of bulls* , but you will find some foundation, and most importantly you will be challenged to think ! You probably haven # 8217; t reached the level to comprehend what's being discussed, if a dialog isn't understandable, but it will come with time. There's not any need. Market isn't likely to run away from you in the event that you don#8217;t pursue it. Remember - that the trading systems department on any forum wont fetch you any good. Do not use EA#8217;so you ahvent created and you don#8217;t understand how they operate or you don#8217;t understand the reason why they ought to make profit and when they don#8217;t earn profit, people are EAs that you don#8217;t understand, cash losing is ensured. Never place live cash with guide or some other system that is freely provided in the net #8211; cash losing. But reading about those things will get you experience. You can experiment as long as it is on a demo. A crucial point here #8211; ALWAYS open your demo accounts with smaller ammounts. The default option option offers of 10k or 100k so that you may jump shortly and with as much cash as you can, so they induce the fantasy of making big bucks, or anything are intentionanly created. Trading has a aspect that is severe, and that means you need to understand and practice on account that is currently going to be too big as what you will someday get started with. And even if you already have money , there is absolutely no reason to start with a account initially. It is near 100% you will lose your cash. Thus doesn#8217;t matter the disagreements #8211; you should always prepare yourself to start small !
    I don#8217;t think I outlined and ordered my ideas very well from the very first post , but more will come in the future. In posts I will try to clarify my years of gaining experience , what was difficult, what could be helpful and what was a mistake.

    02.10.2015 Post#2:

    Okay. So after the drama with EAs created by others and lot of blinking indiors, I started understanding it simply cant be easy. I know it is stupid it takes perhaps 1-2 or even 3 years to start realizing that making money cant be as easy as downloading any indi (created by another person, and even not asking yourself why would anyone share something that is making money in a competitive game) and waiting for the red/green signs. Then another notion enters my head - PRICE ACTION. The majority of the degree traders are past the blinking lights infant phase and therefore are convinced that price action is the way to go. I was one of those. Some people here and on other forums/sites convinced me trading is in fact easy, however the indiors we use are only made by price represented in a different manner , so there could be no use of these and we can directly view price and just stick to the patterns. Patterns is a key word here ! I got introduced to them. Candle formations sort of candles, the pinbar,doji,hammer,engulf,whatever. And because I've promised to be honest and try to help people. . Merely ask yourslef could formations and candles have any significance, when they seem totally different depending on the time and type of chart that you use ? The same price fluctuations can form different and opposing type of patterns, depending on the interval, on m2 interval you see through distinct lens precisely the exact same price you will see using an M18 interval (I suppose that majority traders at least understand you could have any time you want and even you can have chart with no timeframe). And the consequence of all this - you have an subjective perception of the true price action, which has absolutely no statistical importance and the market actually gives zero shit about your imaginary pattern. Back in my first years, I also gone through stages with trendlines, s/r lines etc but they will be covered in another post. Lesson that needs to be learned today patterns and candles are only some way of representing data so we can assimilate it and make a few decisions, however the form and manner of price representation has zero influence on the price, in which it will go and not go. It merely has an influence on our trading decisions, and majority of the time, you will be creating a WRONG decision if you think the pinbar will refuse a degree or the engulfing pub will bring any prospective prices for you. Particularly in the event that you dont have in depth understanding of the markets, don't put your actual money at risk, trying to forecast what will happen by looking at the candles. Save yourself that issue and Know that those charts are our point of view on something that is not subjective.

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    NFP afternoon in pictures. Congrats to people who weren't buried

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    05/10/2015 For now : the question - Stoploss vs No Stoploss. The debate on the subject is great in forex circles and it is a waste of time. Understand that you'll be exiting with a market order and also for the market it really does not matter if you click on a X box onto your metatrader, have an input SL on some equinix shitty server for your order or have an EA running on a fantasy cloud vps that closes the place or anything. What's if you are profitable with your own exit, regardless you exit. And you want to have a stage where enough is not enough. And there must be close enough to maintain your equity curve pointing up and far enough so that it wont sabotage your trades. The market doesnt care about how you call it. Call it a stop, a break, a cut, call it luqidation of place, hedge it, margin call. It is simply implementation at market. There is only edge vs no edge. You want to consider the exit stage, maybe not the exit method.
    And stay away from martingale, although you won't. However, you've been warned. Market cannot be tricked with cash management independently.

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    I see that my jorunal gets zero attention. And that is perfectly right. What I understood for my 7 years of time that is lost with trading is that folks are foolish. Majority of people. Some recent threads were dedied whether Currency Market trading will exist in the near future. The solution is clear - while you will find people eager to throw their cash there'll always be those other people, standing down with bags full of different fools cash. And that's how most of our contemporary world things are designed. Social networks, countless videos that waste your whole life, as you learn nothing. Fashion clothing, tens of thousands of useless gadgets, million books full of someones shit, tuneless songs you have to listen to, since they are labeled trendy. You're cool. You lose your cash, and then you lose your valuable resource called time, however, you are cool among your fellows! In fact, you are so cool that you trade Currency Market and make money without striving. Read the threads, other trendy people have told you it is really simple and how it's done. You're so cool that you are willing to devote your whole life in a fantasy. That's the way money is created. 1% of Earths inhabitants is exploiting the ignorance of another 99percent. I feel that most are not inclined to get up with this dream. So there is really no point for me posting my thoughts here as it's merely a waste of my time. And what benefit do I have, when I am trying to get the money from these asleep? P.S. and do not make it wrong, there are lots of smart folks here at FF, but they are mostly wasting their time.

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    Hey feline, will you post trades that are live ?

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    Inserted Code A fool and his money are soon parted
    However... Trading brings mostly intelligent people, but their sharp brain is playing them a trick. Because after that look from the framework, and they'd have to drop their biased attitude that isn't easy they've been put in. They don't recognize it at first. Some never do. I visit it all of the time. Posts from people that have some brains hard and working ambition. They've logic, they have the emotional capability. However, they are clearly on a wrong course, seeking the truths that are erroneous. Actually - that is the success, if there is any, from my standpoint. However great you are as a individual, how smart you're, how committed you are, just how passionate about trading, there is a chance that you waste your time chasing the incorrect truths and asking the incorrect questions. It's crucial to understand what to search for, what to ask. The fact is come from the inside out and not from the outside. Nobody will tell you just how to make it. That is a major quality is to train yourslef to ask the relevant things. There are many interestings and things that are insignificant. Beginners do not understand how to make the difference. They need indior settings, platforms, ea's, large lots, 4-digit gains in per month, how to trade the news, just how many lots will proceed a pair up 1 pip etc etc.. . They never ask the right questions! If someday someone starts asking the questions, and moreover somebody in the know really decides to answer them now those are gont be a few interesting times . However, there are great reasons.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    Hey feline, will you be posting live trades ?
    Hello,sorry for late reply, I only saw your post. I will likely not share my transactions in the future. I have no motive. I will be moving in specifics so there's absolutely no point to place some transactions without a logical explanation. I will be like majority of posters. This is a quiet area in which I put two ideas together from time to time. Someday someones because I wrote, brain could click. However, I doubt it.

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