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    I believe the diary is the ideal method to track an advance and learn from my errors and therefore I decided to throw myself into the water and find out to swim

    About me the diary

    I'm a 20 years old student of economics from Slovenia (Europe) and have been trading for around 2 months and I have to say it already sucked me in I will trade currencies and sometimes stocks or stocks (gold silver) on my demo account in Fx Guru, starting with 5000 equity. I (know to) trade the methodology teaches. I'd recommend this thread to anyone no matter what method or egy you trade. It just skyrocketed my trading knowledge in this brief period of time and I believe the best is yet to come In this diary I will post my trades and everything that I will learn or find insightful (trading associated).

    Money management, plogy, etc..

    I will risk 2% of my total equity on every trade. No exceptions! I really enjoy the post that ddinov posted here and I will adhere to basically the same principles in the beginning and change something in a later stage (if possible of course). So far as risk management is concerned I find this article useful.

    Will add more to the first post later. Don't hesitate to link me. I look forward to a contribution, criticism, etc..

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    All the best in your trading journey here. I need you all the best.

    The rules Ddinov developed are very excellent. Keep it

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    Hey M,

    Nice to find this measure in the beginning,

    will probably be dropping by for sure.


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    AUD/USDSetup: PB Buy @ 0.8945 First SL @ 8840 First target @ 0.9000 Closed @ 0.8946 (Stop Loss) Profit/Loss (pips): 1 pip Profit/Loss (#8364;-RRB-: 0.79#8364; Equity equilibrium: 5000.79#8364; (0.01%) Today, entered my first trade. There was a price difference on NZ market opening yesterday day. Wanted to skip this transaction because of this but I chose to play it anyway since I saw that price has gone very readily through S/R areas (marked on the chart with blue rectangles). Moved my stop loss to BE 1 (0.8846) when price attained the 0.8975 mark. The price peaked around 0.8982 and dropped down to 0.8920. I was stopped by SL in 0.8846. I believe everything has been done good/according to the plan. I was saved by SL in breakeven .

    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    Good Luck in your trading trip here. I need you all the best.

    The principles Ddinov developed are very excellent. Keep it up !!
    Thank you! I like the quote beneath your nickname (It's a marathon, not sprint.)
    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    Hey M,

    Nice to see this step from you,

    will probably be dropping by for sure.

    don't hesitate to drop by. Will appreciate your contribution

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    Good luck m. The diary is a big step forward, nice to see you on board.

    -- Danny

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    Good fortune m. The journal is a large step ahead, nice to see you.

    -- Danny
    Thank you! That's why I decided to begin a journal. Got some thoughts on how you can keep it from yours

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