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Thread: review my trades and discuss

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    Would anyone examine my trade journal and provide advice
    I'm new to this and I believe im having beginners chance

    ******* look at my following posts for a post you can really read ******

    Im up to 82834 as of now
    I started on friday using 50000

    anyone have any advice for me?

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    I would laugh at you 98vert6spd, but we have all been there before

    nobody can figure out why you'd never find this type of luck on a real money account.

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    Do not know what it means but it seems impressive, consider saving it in an excel spreadsheet zipping it up.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;

    Im around 82834 as of now
    I started on friday with 50000

    anyone have any advice for me?
    You made 65% profit in three, four days, whereas most of us are pleased with 5% a day.
    Now you ask us for advice?
    Not truly happy? Of course, you expected it...!!

    I would not know what to inform you....

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    I read about everyone saying they are delighted with 5 percent per month
    I can make 5 percent by next hour

    am carrying on too much risk?
    This appears to be too good to be true to me.

    I attached a cleaned up spreadsheet

    perhaps someone knowledgable could look at it?

    I dont want to be a greenhorn and continue doing something dumb.

    I simply got into this about a week ago. I've a degree, but ive never done. I opened several DEMO acccts before I managed to adopt a egy that worked for me. I cant seem to make any money except in the EUR/USD


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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    I would laugh in the 98vert6spd, but we've been there before

    no one can figure out why you'd never find this type of luck on a real money account.
    Amen to this. When demoing which means everything theres no emotion.

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    yup. . Playing 10cents a pip brings out the worst of me ....

    Demo is nothing like real ... unfortunately.


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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    amen to that. When demoing which means everything, theres no emotion.
    I actually am trying to pretend its real

    If anything im closing out places manner before I must stop losses

    or to take profits

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    After looking at your spreadsheet, it appears that your using lots trades then closing very quickly after a couple of pips.

    I can not tell you that is the right or wrong thing to do - this judgement is completly your personal. I could say that large lots produce risk. I've a friend who trades the same way and has good luck doing it.

    Many traders will inform you 3-5% of your account equity - but in reality, very few actually use that percentage. Large institutional trader utilize minimal equity for obvious reasons, but that mindset whilst is rarely observed.

    What I can recommend is before going live, experimentation with less lot dimensions and possiblely less leverage.

    The true measure of a trader is not how much you make, but how long you continue to create it.

    If later experimentation with less lots/leverage you feel that's more practical, then exercise it.

    I, like your self, took my demo accounts very seriously and was really emotional. After nearly a year of demoing my transition trading has been easy and effortless I frequently wonder why I stressed.

    I don't know how your entering or exiting, but you appear to have a good win/loss percentage.

    Good job!

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