Is there an indior that copies the screen at open of every candle?
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Thread: Is there an indior that copies the screen at open of every candle?

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    If I have a 1hr chart it takes a screen image every hour.

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    CodeMeister. I added your specialist to 3 screens but it's only outputting a file for one of those displays. It changes which currency it outputs the screen for but perhaps it's the last one to be upgraded.

    EDIT: I created 3 different versions and inserted the Symbol name into the filename and it functioned. I then went back into the first version and inserted the Symbol name into the filename and it currently works. Along with the light bulb lit up. The second and third files had the exact same file name as the original accordingly could not be created.

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    I think that the challenge is that the file names are not unique and they are being overwritten. I could fix and test, but it will be early next week.

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    Don't rush for me. I've already added the emblem into the document name to make the file name unique. It's working flawlessly for me today, precisely what I wanted.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    Do not rush because of me. I have added the emblem to produce the file name unique. It's working for me.
    Very nice work guys. Thank you.
    I have trying to find something like this for a while and this came in time.

    I added both the Symbol() and Stage () to the WindowScreenShot line to make the filename unique. It works great.

    WindowScreenShot(FileName Symbol() _M Stage () _ newstr .gif, 640, 480, -1, -1, chartType);

    Kind regards,

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    Ok, just added a sub-folder name into the code, so that my screen shots are saved in a separate folder.

    WindowScreenShot(Screen_Shots\ FileName Symbol() _M Period() _ newstr .gif, 640, 480, -1, -1, chartType);

    works ok so far.

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    The code has been fixed in the other thread to fix the problem with duplie file names.

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    Try this I think it works. Its quite basic, there are more fancy ones out there.

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