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Thread: Can Anyone write a Multi-Time frame indior for the Awesome Oscillator

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    Hi I was wondering if anyone can compose a multi-timeframe indior for the awesome oscillator like the MTF-HAS or even the MTF-PSAR. I would like to do some analysis on a system utilizing this kind pf indior. If anyone can help I would appreciate it.


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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    Yes, give me a minute and I Will Get It Done back in about 15 minutes
    That would be Amazing I really appreciate this

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    Here it is.
    Thank you alot I appreciate your help and fast reaction. I hope we could find something profitable from this

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    Thanks to This Indior! Would you tell me how to set it? I would like to observe the weekly AO on my daily charts.
    Thank You

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    Thank You to This Indior! Would you tell me how to set it? I would like to see the AO in my daily charts.
    Thank You

    All you have to do is hook up the indior each time to your time frames you need to view. Once you attach the Indior then go to the properties window and modify the time period using minutes such as: day=1440, 4hrs = 240 ect. For each timeframe you'll have a seperate indior window so if you would like to view 1hr, 4hr and daily you may attach the indior three times and you should see three different windows. Just change the time properties of each. I am hoping it works great for you. I have not used the indi for some time so in the event that you start having luck with it please let me know how you are doing.


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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    Here it is.
    Thanks for sharing with us this indior

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    AO is the brainchild of Bill Willi and is a part of a collection of indiors used in their own trading procedure. For complete info on the entry and exit rules, see

    If you are interested in combining the Chaos AO and AC indiors, and also possibly with Heikin-i, there is advice here.

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    Its is a great indior, but I am having problem with it. In 1 h TF is working perfect with set up 60 (1 H) and 240 (4) but with set up in 30 min, I am only able to go back to September 2009.

    Any help?



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    Quote Originally Posted by ;

    Its is a fantastic indior, but I'm having difficulty with it. In 1 h TF is working great with setup 60 (1 H) and 240 (4) but with setup in 30 min, I can only go back to September 2009.

    Any help?



    I have not used this indior in a long time so that I cannot be much help. Be cautious I feel that the reason I stopped using it was because it looked as though it repainted some but I may be wrong so be sure to watch out for this. Definetly and Fantastic luck allow me to know if have any luck.


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