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Thread: Interbank FX Expert Advisor how to program?

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    Is that Appropriate?? For the fast and slow moving?? I think I had them reversed. . .see the attachment chart for which one is which...


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    The quick is two, the slow is 5.
    And you're using the 2 interval not the 2 day. You could also maximize these values to get more profit by employing the backtester with 0 to stop loss and take profit. Just exchange the cross to determine maximum profit.

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    Here is the newest version. It must currently be bug free. I conducted a backtest from Jan 2 to Mar 14 on the 4 hr chart and discovered that the following values to work best up to now.

    FastMAPeriod = 4
    SlowMAPeriod = 5

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    Hello MrPip,

    Man, thank you sooo much. I will try this one. I want to back test these too, but I dont know how to use the Tester. I tried it but I did not work, can you email me at my private email address and I will give you my cell # to call me if you are able to assist me.


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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    Does anybody understand how to program an Expert Advisor using Interbank FX, I need a Moving Average Indior which will fire off transactions using a two Day/ 5 Day Moving Average on a 4-Hour bar chart for your EUR/USD. So whenever both cross each other I am in a trade state for 3 LOTS, as soon as they cross it will automatically sell the 3 and sell brief another 3 and so on....

    any help much appreciated!!!

    Large Balla
    Any other details? Any stop loss or just trade int signals? Should take approximately 30 minutes to modify a specialist I have to do this including the opportunity to post.

    I reside in La Verne which is East LA County so about 1 hr from you if you are still at Dana Point. I use to bicycle from Brea Newport Beach to Laguna Beach along PCH and back throughout the hills every weekend for my workout once I hurried 25 mile time trials.

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    Attach a copy of the backtesting you did using the 4, 5 MA interval you mentioned.vI would love to observe the outcomes.


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